To produce quality content, you need to be aware of your stuff from all angles

Require Content That Converts?

I get excited when I hear about marketing & technology jargons, but not limited, to artificial intelligence, blockchain, coding language, e-commerce, conversion optimization, lead generation, funnel or digital/content marketing. 

My content writing attracts, engages and converts the reader.

Regardless you’re a small business or an entrepreneur, my custom content will enhance your online presence to acquire new leads/traffic. 

I’m Salman Lashkari, a technology/marketing guy and a professional B2B/B2C writer for digitally native brands.

How Can I Help You?

Content Writing

As a content writer, I have the magic potion to turn complicated subjects into warm talks. I am committed to producing quality material. for which I will work on the article for four hours or more and examine six blog titles along the way. I will finally settle for a title with the greatest potential for clicks.

Being the writer of blogs, I have to make good use of my powers to find and source data points to enhance the content of blogs. I know that content cannot be fake when I fail to understand a topic, so I reach experts on the subject for assistance. I also partner with influencers and experts to perform interviews or add quotes to make the content more credible.

Copy Writing

I am fast to turn my creative mind between a wide variety of topics and projects. I understand how to link informational blocks so that the reader can navigate even the most complicated digital journey with ease.

I speak both your brand’s and your customer’s language. With every sentence, I piece together experiences ranging from product descriptions to website pages. Since I am inquisitive and analytical,  provide information and data to assist me in crafting strategic messaging.

Places where I have published content?

Salman is one of the most talented authors I've had the privilege of working with. Salman is gifted, intelligent, and punctual. Even better, he is still willing to go above and beyond. Despite the fact that I've only known Salman for a short time, he's quickly become one of my go-to authors.

Ta Qur
Digital Marketing Content Producer at Cloudways

Salman is without a doubt one of the most competent and capable writers I've ever worked with, and I've worked with a lot! You can depend on quality articles delivered on time and a contact process that is as smooth as one might hope for. I wholeheartedly support his services.

(CEO) Appiskey